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  • The Aquaguard Pro is equipped with advanced RO+UV technology that removes disease causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and protozoa-cysts and harmful chemicals like lead, pesticides, heavy metals and excess TDS from your water, making it pure and sweet.
  • Features
  • > Advanced RO+UV Technology
  • Advanced RO+UV technology removes excess TDS, blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in the drinking water
  • > HiFlo 
  • Delivers 25 litres of healthy water per hour
  •  Dispenses water without electricity
  • Purified stored water can be dispensed even without electricity, unlike other RO+UV water purifier
  • > Enhanced Storage
  • It comes with a 10 litre in-built storage tank. Thereby ensuring purified water on tap, all the time.
  • TDS Regulator
  • Advanced TDS regulator enables the adjustment of the purification process as per the source of water, thereby providing 100% healthy, safe and tasty drinking water
  • > Smart Indicators
  •  Helps the user to identify different modes (Power On/Off, Purification Process, Service and Filter replacement) through LED indicators
  • > Enhanced Taste
  • The special silver impregenated carbon cartridge removes residual organic impurities & revives the original taste of water.
  • Technical Specifications
  • Purifying Technology Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Ultra Violet (UV)
    Applicable TDS Range in Input Water 1- 2000 mg/litre
    Recommended for Universal
    Check suitability for your water type 
    Filtration / Purification Modules
    I-Filter?Chemi Block?EMLE?Reverse Osmosis Membrane?Taste Enhancer Cartridge?,Ultra Violet?TDS Regulator?
    Installation Type Table Top, Wall Mounting
    Purified Water Flow Rate* 25 litre/hour
    Storage Tank 10 Litres
    TDS Reduction 90 % (approx)
    % Water Recovery 25% approx
    Dimensions (W X D X H) in mm 400 x 246 x 568
    Net weight Approx 9.14 Kg
    Operating/Input Voltage 230 V AC/50HZ
    Power Rating/Consumption 50 watts
    Ultraviolet Lamp 11 watts
  • Technology

    Purification Proces

    Aquaguard Advantage


    Trusted by
    15 million mothers and owned by 162,000 doctors
    Free Standard Installation
    Certified by
    More than 130 national and international leading labs
    After sales service
    100% service centers within a 5 km radius
    Super Brand, Water Digest Award, Readers Digest trusted brand
    Endorsed By
    Indian Medical Academy



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