Magic Hot & Cool RO Water Purifier

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  • LED Type of Power, Cold Water, Hot Water Display
  • 6 Stage of Filtering System
  • Prevent Overheating by Thermostat Protector
  • Hot Water On/Off Switch
  • Environmental Friendly Refrigerant (R-134)
  • High Quality Membrane
  • Provision of "Safety Dispenser Cock" (Child-Lock)
  • Converts Impure Water to Sweet Pure Drinking Water
  • Equipped with "LG Compressor"
  • Low Cost of Maintenance, Electrical Consumption & Consumable
  •  Magic” Made Up of Food Grade Material
  • 1 Year On-site Warranty

Water Filtration Process:

  • Step 1: P.P Sediment Filter: P.P Filter remove solid suspended particles like sand, iron rust, copper rust of pipelines fibers or any visible impurities
  • Step 2: Anti-Scalant Capsule: Anti-Scalant Capsule increase RO Membrane life
  • Step 3: Pre-carbon Filter: Pre-carbon Filter can remove excess chlorine, organic mater, color, odor and floating particles
  • Step 4: TFC RO Membrane: Hi-Tech RO Membrane remove dissolved water contaminants such as heavy metals, The concentrated rejected contaminated water is drained out through the reject line
  • Step 5: Mineral Cartridge: Mineralized, Far-infrared processed water contains more minerals for health. Molecule of Water being divided into smaller group performs better osmotic ability, resolvability and easily absorbed by body for metabolism
  • Step 6: Holopure Filter: Holopure Filter for water polishing and bacteria / Virus free water


Filter Size/Filter Life PP Filter 
11” / 12 month 
3.5”/12 month 
11” / 24 month
75 GPD (Hi-Tech)
11” / 12 month
Power Consumption 500W
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 255 X 482X 1170mm 
Net Weight 26kg (35.3lb)
Production Capacity 10 Ltr/hr (2.6 gal/hr)
Tank Capacity Hot 2.5 Ltr
  Cold 5 Ltr
Compressor Cooling 5-45°C
Removal Rate >90-96%
Inlet Water Pressure 0.15 ~ 0.35 Mpa
Low Pressure Setting 0.05 Mpa
Main Configuration 6 Stage + Pump

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