KENT Bathroom Water Softener

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KENT Bathroom Water Softener

Ideal for individual bathrooms & specially suitable for multistory buildings where water is supplied through different heads. It is recommended to be installed in the inlet line to the geyser. Its use helps to keep hair and skin healthy. Also helps to keep sanitary fittings and geysers free of deposits.


Easy to install and regenerate

KENT Bathroom Water Softener is very easy to install and operate. The unique valve operation makes it extremely easy to use the appliance.


Two-Step Regeneration Process

KENT Bathroom Water Softener uses a 2 step regeneration process. The process can be easily executed by the users making it extremely convenient.

Efficient Ion-Exchange Process

The comes with an efficient ion exchange process. The process reduces hardness in water by exchanging magnesium and calcium in water with sodium and potassium.


Model Name KENT Bathroom Water Softener
Product Code 11064
Product Dimensions (mm) 380 (L) X 220 (W) X 890 (H)
Water Softened Before Regeneration 1200 L (Water TDS 500 ppm )
Resin Volume 5.5 L
Ideal place for installation For flats & individual bathrooms



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